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Instructional Design

These are some examples of training programs we have designed and developed using various media, including classroom, WBT/CBT, video, and other performance support tools:

Investment Education Curriculum
Business Acumen
Revenue Management
Professional Customer Care
The Power of Customer Service
Fleet Selling Suite
10 Step Showroom Experience
Mailroom Operations
Orientation (Multiple)
Margins Training
Options Training
Securities Operations
On-line Customer System Simulation
1st Aid -- Job Aid Manual

COMPANIES BELLISLE creates training programs to help new employees become effective quickly, maximizing return on training investments, and experienced employees continue to improve.

Customers who are enriched with appropriate knowledge, skills and expectations become partners in your business, creating loyal, long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

COMPANIES BELLISLE creates communication strategies and programs so customers can effectively use your products and services -- increasing sales and reducing unanticipated after sales service costs.

Web Based Training

Investment Education
Generic Orientation Shell
Domains of Learning Profile
Information Security Video
Goals and Action Plans